"We must all do theatre,
to find out who we are,
and to discover who we
could become."

-Augosto Boal
Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who supported HCP's 48th Season from August 2017 to June 2018!

To Season Subscribers...some of you were new this season and others have been loyal to us for more than a decade.  Your continued
support has helped us have a reason to product quality entertainment since 1970.  You are the heart of HCP.

To All Patrons...you have laughed with us, screamed in terror with us, cried with us, and yelled out "Let's do the Time Warp again" with
us.  Thank you for coming to one or more of our shows this season!  We hope that you will continue to attend in shows when we find a
new stage on which to provide you award winning entertainment.

To Social Media Followers...you have posted, shared, retweeted, commented, etc more than we ever could have imagined!  Never did
we dream that we would have 2,440 likes on Facebook.  Your social media presence is invigorating!  Keep it up!  Use the hashtags!

To Board Members...people know you by name, but they don't know all the work that you put in to ensure that HCP runs smoothly.  
Thanks for dedicating your most valuable asset: your time.

To Michelle Blair...thank you for being our House Manager for many, many years!

To Kristen Henriksen...thank you for being Box Office Manager and "The Voice" behind HCP.

To Guest Directors: Sarah Ryan Dakin, Ron Blair, Shameca Freeman, Claire Allen, Aaron Taylor, Jeff Curtis...this season would not
have happened if you had not stepped up to the plate!  Thank you for giving your precious time to HCP and ensuring that there was
entertainment this year!

To Volunteers...thank you for all of your contributions this season!  Whether you were on stage, back stage, in the booth, ushering,
selling concessions, or participating in work days, our 48th season would not have been a success without you.  We are blessed by your
dedication and willingness to help HCP!

To Everyone...thank you for supporting HCP!  Without people, HCP wouldn't exist and we're glad it does.

Hardin County Playhouse - Putting the Community in Community Theatre

"It was only in the
theatre that I lived."

-Oscar Wilde
"The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that

There Will Be Hardin County Playhouse

Thank you Annie for those words of inspiration!  How fitting is it that Annie - a show about overcoming obstacles
against improbable odds - was our last show at the Plum Alley Theatre?  Yes...you read correctly.  
Annie was HCP's
last show in our current location.  On August 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. we are going to be without a physical building.
While we realize that HCP is more than a building, we are in need of community support now more than ever.

You might be thinking, "I'm not an actor, how can I help?"

1) Let us know of any buildings you know of for sale in Hardin County that might be suitable! Please message us
through our Facebook page.

2) You can donate to our Never Again Venue Crisis fund that is going to help us find a new location.

3) Let us know about any Arts Grants or Restoration Grants you know about.  Please message us through our
Facebook page.

4) Share with us and the community positive experiences that you've had with HCP!

5) Share with those in the community why you think community theatre is important!

6) Help spread the word on social media!  Here is a Tweet that you can copy and paste: Who's been impacted by
community theatre?  I know I have been!  Guess what?  Our community theatre @HCPlayhouse43  is without a
home!  Check out our website for more info and help us find a home!  Please retweet!
http://www.hardincountyplayhouse.com   #hardincountyplayhouse #theatre #arts  

7) You can also use the following hashtags to generate buzz: #HCPNeverAgain #HCPStrong

Elle Woods rallied a community and we can too!
"The theatre was created to
tell the truth about life and
the social situation."

-Stella Adler
"Sometimes you can have the

production and still make a
big impact."

-Neil Patrick Harris