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At Hardin County Playhouse, we're more than just a theater – we're a vibrant community hub dedicated to bringing the magic of live performances to audiences of all ages. With a rich history of captivating productions and a commitment to fostering local talent, we invite you to experience the joy and excitement of theater with us.


Godspell Auditions Extended

Video Submissions Accepted Through April 8th.

Auditions for Godspell have been extended! Text or email your video to 270-723-6417 or whith57@comcast.net

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Hardin County Playhouse's Youth Dramatics Program  aims to instruct students from grades 6-12 in Hardin, Meade, Larue, Nelson, and other neighboring counties in all aspects of theatre — from acting to directing to costuming to managing a theater and much, much more! 

Almost, Maine opens March 21st

The stage is set, the actors are ready, and the Hardin County Playhouse is buzzing with excitement as rehearsals for Almost, Maine are underway.  

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Lights, sound, ushering, box office, it takes a village to run a theater. 

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The Hardin County Playhouse performs in the ECTC Science Building auditorium located at 615 College Street Rd. in Elizabethtown, KY.